The Editor,

Northland Auto Sports.




Having just read Brian Skudders first article of the history of our club, I would like to congratulate him on his idea of doing such a thing.


For someone like Brian who now has no active connection with the Club but who was one of the most colourful ‘characters’ during his competitive and administrative activities in the club, it is pleasing to see he still has an interest keen enough to write these articles.


As he says in his letter he has some hazy recollections of past events and I’m sure a few of us can help out with the parts that Brian has trouble recalling.  For instance, because I used to take photos of hillclimbs when Brian was competing I now have references on which to look back on for dates etc, and like he says in the article on the old Northland Special that John Windleburn sold the car before competing in it.

Well in actual fact Johny did use that car in competition and I would like a photo I have of him driving it at Austins Road, printed in this issue of our mag.  The shot was taken at the top corner of Austins Road, Hillclimb on April 19th 1964.


I would also like to provide a few photos to coincide with various events of vehicles that Brian may write about to hopefully make things a little more interesting.  Also perhaps we could run a pictorial on some of the large range of vehicles used to compete in our events by Brian Skudder who turned out in some rather wonderful but weird machinery at times, perhaps only outdone on the weird side by Doug Marsh and Ken McLennan.



Rowan McLean


(November 1979 mag)